Organii Cream Soap Bar Lavender

Organii Cream Soap Bar Lavender

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Organii Lavender Cream Soap is distinguished by the creamy foam and unique aroma.

Pure natural essential oils mean that the lavender scent will do what it does best, relaxing the mind, while the creamy moisturising lather keeps your skin from drying out.

Organii Organic Soap is made in the traditional way using open batch kettles. Lavender essential oils and shea butter are added at the end of the process to keep all the benefits of Lavender essential oil and moisturising Shea Butter.

Organii Lavender Cream Soap is vegan and dermatologically tested. It has no synthetic colours, fragrances or preservatives, and includes no animal fats, parabens or petrochemicals. The soaps are certified by Ecocert. 

Net weight 100g

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