Motion Nutrition Power Up: Ultimate Brain Fuel
Motion Nutrition Power Up: Ultimate Brain Fuel
Motion Nutrition

Motion Nutrition Power Up: Ultimate Brain Fuel

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Power Up: Think Sharp, Feel Good, Age Slow

Imagine achieving laser-sharp focus and feeling in an optimal mood all day long, while quietly helping your brain protect against degenerative diseases. Power up is designed to help improve focus and mood all day, while quietly helping your brand protect against degenerative diseases.

Think Sharp

L-Tyrosine, Biotin, and quick-absorption Vitamin B6 help to maintain normal psychological function and are essential for optimal energy levels and mental clarity.
Iron Bisglycinate, Nicotinamide Riboside and pre-digested Vitamin B9 are all essential energy sources for the brain, having the power to elevate your mental performance with improvements to immediate and delayed memory recall.

Feel Good

Korean Panax Ginseng extract and L-Taurine have mood-modulating and cognitive enhancing qualities L-Taurine.
Boron can help testosterone production and oestrogen balancing – both essential for cognitive power and improving dexterity, attention, and short-term memory.

Age Slow

Nicotinamide Riboside, the most advanced form of Vitamin B3, has been shown to have intrinsic brain protective functions in studies of Alzheimer’s disease.
Methylcobalamin, our ‘pre-digested’ form of Vitamin B12, is an essential element in the prevention of neurodegenerative disease.
Our high-bioavailability forms of L-Carnitine, Gotu Kola and Lion’s Mane Mushroom are all known for their brain protecting capacities.

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