Motion Nutrition Organic Vegan Post-Workout Recovery
Motion Nutrition

Motion Nutrition Organic Vegan Post-Workout Recovery

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Refuel - Rehydrate - Repair

Are you looking for a vegan sports powder to speed up your recovery from a strenuous workout? 100% free from animal products, Motion Nutrition Vegan Post-Workout Recovery is a ready-to-use sports shake that is packed full of nutrients that accelerate your body’s natural ability to recuperate after vigorous exercise.

Organic Vegan Motion Nutrition Post-Workout Recovery is designed to:

  • Assist muscle recovery and growth with two complete sources of plant-based protein
  • Replenish your energy levels with red banana, maqui berry and pomegranate
  • Rehydrate your body with freeze-dried coconut water
  • Boost your immune system and wellbeing with wheatgrass and maitake mushroom extract

Motion Nutrition Vegan Post-Workout Recovery is a nutrient-packed shake that provides a powerful combination of organic protein, carbohydrates and micronutrients.

With its 3:1 carb to protein ratio, this sports mix has been expertly designed to assist muscular recuperation and metabolic recovery. Meanwhile, the added superfood powders and their associated benefits include:

Organic red banana powder, pomegranate juice powder and maqui berry powder – Known for their high levels of vitamins and minerals, these ingredients provide the basis for carbohydrate support that is necessary to replenish lost energy.

A blend of organic rice and pea proteins – By offering a healthy supply of essential amino acids, these ingredients significantly aid muscle growth and recovery.

Organic freeze-dried coconut water powder – This ingredient ensures each shake will help you to rehydrate by encouraging the production of naturally occurring electrolytes that replace minerals lost through sweat.

Wheatgrass powder and maitake mushroom extract – Combined, both these ingredients help support the body’s immune system, which is particularly at risk after intense physical exercise.

Net weight 480g


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