Motion Nutrition Organic Post-Workout Recovery
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Motion Nutrition Organic Post-Workout Recovery

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Refuel - Rehydrate - Repair

Speed up recovery times between workouts and nip aches and pains in the bud with this organic post-workout smoothie. It contains an expertly combined blend of whey protein, carbohydrates and micronutrients, and is designed to deliver the very best nutritional benefits that superfoods have to offer.

Motion Nutrition’s Organic Post-Workout Recovery is designed to:

  • Assist muscle recovery and growth with a complete source of protein
  • Restore energy levels with red banana, maqui berry and pomegranate
  • Rehydrate with freeze-dried coconut water
  • Boost your immune system with wheatgrass and maitake mushroom extract

This post-workout smoothie uses only certified organic ingredients, is suitable for vegetarians, and is free from both gluten and soy.

Make the most of every workout with Organic Post-Workout Recovery – ideal for anyone looking to refuel, rehydrate and repair the natural way after a training session or event. Ready to drink in seconds, it boasts a 2:1 carb-to-protein ratio that has been blended by experts with the express purpose of improving muscle repair and boosting energy levels.

This post-workout smoothie contains only natural, certified organic ingredients designed to deliver a range of complementary nutritional benefits. These include:

Whey protein concentrate – we only use whey sourced from the milk of European grass-fed cows, ensuring that we deliver a complete protein that contains all the amino acids needed for muscle growth and recovery.

Red banana powder – known for its exceptionally high levels of vitamins and minerals, this ingredient packs a nutritional punch guaranteed to enhance post-workout recovery.

Pomegranate juice and maqui berry powders – along with the banana, these provide the basis for carbohydrate support, and as such play a key role in restoring energy levels to their pre-workout state.

Freeze-dried coconut water powder – nothing helps you rehydrate and replace lost minerals faster than the naturally occurring electrolytes present in coconut water

Wheatgrass powder and maitake mushroom extract – the body’s immune system is often weaker in the period following intense physical exercise, which is why we’ve included these two famous immune system boosters in our post-workout smoothie.

Net weight 480g

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