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Motion Nutrition Slimline CLA

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Metabolic support - Weight care

Kickstart your metabolism and keep excess body fat in check with our natural Slimline CLA for weight loss. Each capsule contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), combined with a selection of complementary ingredients, in order to offer you complete support for your weight care goals.

Motion Nutrition’s Enhanced Motion Slimline CLA is designed to:

  • Enhance fat metabolism with CLA
  • Increase fat burning with green tea extract
  • Support your metabolism with wild harvested kelp
  • Amplify the effects with piperine

Slimline CLA is suitable for vegetarians and free from gelatine, additives, preservatives and bulking agents.

Enhanced Motion Slimline CLA is an encapsulated product, expertly designed to support your weight care goals. Whether you want to lose weight or simply burn more body fat, Slimline CLA can help you achieve your goals the natural way.

Each capsule contains four complementary elements, each in their purest possible form and expertly combined so as to maximise their effectiveness. Natural ingredients include:

Conjugated linoleic acid – CLA is renowned for its ability to enhance natural fat metabolism, making it the ideal for anyone looking to maximise their training regime and burn excess body fat.

Green tea extract – well-known for its fat-metabolising qualities, green tea is the ideal complement to CLA’s metabolic boosting action.

Organic wild harvested kelp – this is nature’s highest source of iodine, and can effectively kick-start your body’s metabolism.

Piperine – this black pepper extract is naturally thermogenic, meaning that it can raise the body’s temperature and, in so doing, increase fat burning.

Volume 120 capsules

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